This is our story

The origin

Letโ€™s be honest, the climate crisis is poorly communicated. It is hard for people to relate to what is happening or it overwhelms them and makes them feel powerless. We - a group of climate communicators, designers, developers and artists - decided that we need to step up and take climate communications to the next level: connect with those who are affected by the crisis - which is all of us - and make sure we are all heard and have a chance to play our part in finding solutions that work for us as a global society.

The origin

The early stage

In late 2019, we realised our dream of founding Designers for Climate, an organisation committed solely to fostering understanding and inspiring real action through design. We reached out to passionate and skilled designers, creatives, scientists etc. to put together a core team of designers and other professionals. We have been working hard on building our brand and setting up a robust business and are ready to take on the greatest issue of our time!

The early stage

The future

We need to expand our network, not just in Berlin but globally. We also need to build the funding infrastructure to launch big-scale projects that can really make a difference. The long-term goal is to create a collective desire to reduce our global emissions to net-zero whilst making sure we can all lead good lives without having to worry about paying tomorrow's bills or breathing clean and safe air.

The future

This is us :)

Matt Beer

Dilara Arslan

Claire Chรฉry

Ronan Recune

Line de Carnรฉ

Pieter Vandromme

Juliette Lukacs

Aya Tanikawa

Liz Parsons