Frequently asked questions:

Are you a protest movement?

No, we are not a protest movement, we are a movement of action. We serve as a catalyst to inspire climate action and political change through producing effective pieces of climate communication that reach out to people.

Who do you work with?

Currently, we are working with research institutes and NGOs who specialise in climate research and climate policy analysis. Our goal is to grow a team of determined and skilled professionals and foster robust relationships with organisations within and well beyond the climate bubble.

Are you associated with a political party?

No, we are a non-partisan organisation. We want to inspire political action and support any individual politician or political party or organisation that put forward strong climate policies.

Do you make profits from this?

We are a non-profit organisation.

Is this paid work?

Our work will start on a mainly voluntary basis but will eventually evolve into paid work in the form of funded projects.

Do you work exclusively in English?

In the short term, yes. We are a multi-cultural team and for ease, our working language is English. However, we would like teams to form in different countries and cities and to communicate to their communities in their language as well as connect to different communities in Germany whose main language is neither German nor English.

Where are you based? Can I join you no matter where I live?

We are based in Berlin, Germany but appreciate support from all parts of the world. Our long-term plan is to grow internationally with DFC offices around the globe.

What do you mean by "stepping up"?

Let's be real for a minute - of course not every media outlet or influencer of any kind is a climate denier, however, most have been at least complicit by not giving it the screen time or attention it so desperately needs. The media have failed in their role as political educators by sidelining a crisis that is risking our very existence. We at Designers for Climate are determined to push the climate crisis to the very forefront of every public debate - for this, we need resources, we need skilled professionals and above all, we need DETERMINATION. For systemic change to happen, we all need to step up and do what we can to change the public debate and pushing for strong climate action.

What is the climate journey?

No matter who you are and what experiences have shaped your life, the climate crisis is always overwhelming and confusing at first. We all need to learn to separate facts from lies, to become emotionally involved without succumbing to climate grief and understand what really needs to happen if we are going to solve this crisis. This is what we mean by the climate journey - it's not easy and it's not comfortable but if we support each other and grow together, we can all rise to the occasion.

Who are you?

Please check out the About Us page for more details on the team and our history.

How can I get in touch?

You are always welcome to email us at or DM us on Instagram for any general requests. If you want to get involved, collaborate or fund our projects, please visit the Join Us page.